original artwork

by Robert farrow

All my life, I’ve drawn for pleasure. I enjoy creating my own worlds through my drawing/ painting.  I like to think of my art as teetering precariously between classical figurative art and cartoons.

an appreciation of

tech and classical art.

I rearrange animals
people and

and create
a world unlike
any other.

Robert Farrow


Dogs come in so many diverse shapes, sizes and personalities. They are great fun to draw/paint,

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My favourite animals to draw/ paint tend to be ones that have the potential to stand bipedal. This gives them an uncanny human quality, especially if they happen to be aiming a rifle or riding a quad bike!

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I try to to give my mech tech a human quality by basing the mechanics on human anatomy, giving it an uncanny quality. I’ve always liked the idea of mech being used in an ordinary way by ordinary people perhaps a precursor to a future reality!

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